For Families

It is our understanding that family philanthropy encompasses social investments carried out by donor families or those that founded an institute or foundation. Aware of their roles as citizens and that they can contribute to the reduction of inequalities, families have been commiting themselves more and more, showing they are willing to apply their resources in a strategic way in this area, going beyond isolated or charity actions.

When there is philanthropy planning for a family, there is a guarantee that the resources will be well employed, in an efficient and effective way, benefiting the target audience, increasing the positive impacts of the donation and contributing to social transformation. It is also possible for the family to control and monitor the results of the investment, as they do with financial investments. And, conditions are created so that there is continuity in the family’s wish to donate, because in this process of investment structuring, they have the opportunity of strengthening relations among themselves and preserving their values. Furthermore, they develop a family legacy of social responsibility.

Given the various causes and possibilities of intervening, the family may benefit from professional support in this process. In the same way that specialists advise them in their financial investment decisions, guidance in their social investment decisions can make the process easier and ensure greater social returns and the possibility of transformation. Since its founding, IDIS works with families. The André and Lúcia Maggi Foundation, the José Luiz Egydio Setúbal Foundation, the Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal Foundation and the Ayrton Senna Institute are some examples of this experience.

For this public, in addition to customizing all services we offer, we have developed special products, focused on different profiles:

IDIS Experience: conceived for families that haven’t yet made a social investment, but would like to. In a short period of time, they can have a full philanthropic experience, starting with a diagnosis about that family’s calling, how they can act and the identification of a social project in which they can invest.

IDIS Strategy: thought out for families that are already engaged in some kind of philanthropy, but would like to do it in a more strategic and transforming way. In this process, a plan of action is developed from a diagnosis of the family’s profile, in addition to indications of organizations with the potential for stablishing partnerships and a social project portfolio of what can be backed by the family.

IDIS Endowment: meant for families that are in a more mature stage of strategic philanthropy and worry about the legacy they will leave in favor of the chosen cause or causes. IDIS supports the structuring of an endowment that assures permanent resources. A study is carried out to identify the format that will better cater to the institutors’ wishes and then the management, governance, and investment and withdrawal policies are conceived.

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