Most of the time, in Brazil, the distancing and lack of dialogue between government levels and civil society organizations is noticeable, especially with private social investors. To contribute to the transformation of this reality, IDIS created the “Dialogues between the Public Sector and Social Investors” program, aware that strengthening trust and working collaboratively are important aspects for the development of the country.

The initiative establishes four stages: cocreation workshops between government representatives, who report on their challenges, social investors, representatives of civil society organizations, academics and specialists; profound diagnosis, stemming from ideas generated during the initial meeting; development of an action plan that allows the implementation of the solution that was thought out; and systemization.

The first edition of “Dialogues” started in June 2019 and involved the Health Secretariat of the State of São Paulo. The focus defined in the Project was vaccine reach. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced us to postpone the implementation.

This program can be replicated in other areas and in other counties and states in Brazil.