Transforming Territories

The Transforming Territories Program is an IDIS initiative, in partnership with the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, for promoting the creation and strengthening of community institutes and foundations in Brazil.

What are community institutes and foundations?

Community institutes and foundations are civil society organizations that seek to improve the quality of life of populations in specific geographic regions, through training, management and distribution of resources to nonprofitable organizations and to social initiatives. With the development of capabilities and the valorization of local assets, these organizations produce knowledge and act in networks with the government and civil society in favor of territory development.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on vulnerable populations in the country has made it evident that local organizations are capable of mapping needs, thinking up solutions, spreading information, distributing food and even providing health care in their territories.

This belief is a part of the scope of IDIS since its founding in 1999. Experiences and knowledge that were acquired throughout two decades or works, in addition to the global context, which is characterized by the growing recognition of communities and collectives as key elements in the promotion of a planet that is more sustainable, led to a partnership between IDIS and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation for the development of Community Foundations and Institutes in Brazil.

The first stage, carried out between 2018 and 2019, sought to understand the profile of organizations and informal initiatives in the state of São Paulo that searched for solutions for social problems through commitment and direct involvement of local communities. The second stage, which began in 2020, consists in the mapping and implementation in Brazil of Transforming Territories – a program to foster the development of Community Institutes and Foundations.

The initiatives operates in two fronts: one focused on sensitizing and making donors commit to the cause and another for the promotion of creating and developing Community Foundations and Institutes.

Check out the model for action:


Check out the organizations that are already a part of the program:

IDIS believes that the consolidation of this model and the increasing emergence of success cases throughout the country can open new fronts for fundraising, expand territory potentialities, encourage the emergence of new community leaders, and contribute to the encouragement of the giving culture.

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O IDIS – Instituto para o Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social é uma organização da sociedade civil, sem fins lucrativos, fundada em 1999, cuja missão é inspirar, apoiar e ampliar o investimento social privado e seu impacto, a partir do trabalho junto a indivíduos, famílias, empresas, fundações e institutos corporativos e familiares, assim como organizações da sociedade civil em ações que transformam realidades e contribuem para a redução das desigualdades sociais no país.

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is a North-American grantmaker organization, with headquarters in Flint, Michigan. It was founded in 1926 by Charles Stewart Mott, former director and shareholder of General Motors Corporation. Over US$3.2 billion in assets have been allocated to the development of projects with focus on 4 acting areas: Civil Society, education, environment and the Flint community. Mott has supported organizations in over 62 countries and in 2019, distributed US$ 133 million in grants.