Colletive Engagement

The Collective Engagement project was conceived with the purpose of developing people and institutions in skills and abilities to engage in positive changes in social and political life in a solidary, co-responsible and citizen way, contributing to the advancement of the giving culture in the Brazil.

The first step of the project, carried out in 2019, was defining the geographic scope and mapping institutions in the territory with potential to participate. Between August and November, co-creation workshops were held with students from two state schools, aiming to of promote youth leadership in collective engagement for improvements in the region.

In the 20-21 biennium. with the advent of the pandemic and the challenges of adopting actions also in a remote environment, the project started to work directly with the teachers and coordinators of one of the schools, in order to support their preparation for the inclusion of the topic in the new teaching curriculum. Medium in the state of São Paulo, considering the Citizenship classes. The developed methodology foresees integrated in-person and online actions, with the facilitation of coordinators and teachers through experiences, reflections, collective discussions, practices of learned techniques and preparation to apply them in the classroom.